The surface of gabion net mat has a layer of soil or natural sedimentary soil. You can grow grass and other green plants, which not only protect the river and green the environment. Hexagonal mesh paving slope protection, shrubs and weeds and other plants through the wire mesh growth, not only can be fixed stones, the main favor of the green environment, green plants to fix the soil, prevent hillside rocky desertification.

The pore water flow between stones in gabion cage or mat creates conditions for the natural communication between water body and soil, and creates a living environment for aquatic organisms and microorganisms, so as to enhance the self purification ability and protect and improve the water quality.

Three cage retaining wall or revetment laying problem base, most of the solid filler in the cage, there are more pores, seepage water can get rid of timely discharge, reduce the risk of pipe wall damage, and wall deformation, can buffer sudden external impact, gabion net wall, long life, long life, environmental protection.

With the diversity of structure and color of gabion, we provide a wide range of design, which is suitable for the requirements of geographical landscape in different regions. Combined with flowers and trees, artificial landscape presents the environmental protection of the general public.

The galvanized, plastic coated PVC coating material made of gabion net woven wire has stainless steel and other materials, and has long service life. According to the test results, the plastic will not change color and crack after 10 days with hydrochloric acid water of 30 ℅ concentration of film coating adhesive. Gabion nets show that corrosion resistance is reliable even in highly polluted areas.

Anping Changyi wire mesh factory is a comprehensive enterprise integrating wire drawing, mesh weaving, mesh welding, mesh deep processing, product R & D and business, specializing in the production and sales of heavy hexagonal mesh, gabion mesh, gabion mesh, electric welding gabion mesh with large wire diameter and large aperture. Our factory has advanced wire mesh deep processing machinery, large-scale hexagonal mesh, gabion mesh, Renault pad, Gouhua gabion mesh, electric welding gabion mesh series production workshop, which has reached the international level of full mechanized operation, and the quality and technical indicators of mesh materials have reached the international product standards.

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