What are the engineering advantages of gabion network? Compared with reinforced concrete and masonry structures, gabion net and Gabion net have the following distinct advantages:

(1) Flexible flexible wire cage engineering has excellent compliance to deformation or winding. When the occasional attack of air subsidence or

When the foundation deformation and the inherent foundation settlement of the building foundation occur, a form of interweaving tension and extrusion is formed on the outside of the lead cage, which can comply with the external deformation without fracture. A field experiment of a project in Manchester, England. Under the action of the external load, the middle part of the beam is twisted and deformed, but the beam has not been broken.

(2) Permeability in view of the excellent drainage function of the lead wire, the lead wire cage engineering is used in the anti washing water retaining structure where the water level changes, which can avoid the setting of drainage holes. In riparian engineering, it can eliminate or increase the pressure acting on the retaining wall with the change of water depth, which is beneficial to the fluctuation and safety of buildings.

(3) The stone and cobble filled with low cost lead wire cage can be adapted to local conditions, which is suitable for construction in mountainous areas with convenient transportation. Compared with other projects, there is no need to purchase a small amount of formwork and mechanical equipment. The project cost is relatively low.

(4) When the excavation of the foundation is completed, the wire cage structure can be built at one time. It can also prevent the construction of cofferdams in rivers and beaches and increase the drainage cost. The construction in waterless area can be completed by net laying, rock filling and joint reinforcement. When the underwater construction is stopped in the inland area of the river, the lead wire cage can be installed in advance, and then it can be hoisted and placed in place. Maybe it can be transported to the predetermined place by ship, and the riprap can be used in the river closure project.

(5) It is easy to protect because the lead wire cage is equipped with partition nets along the long direction, which separate the lead wire cage into independent cubes. Therefore, when a cube due to the destruction of the grid causes the rocks to loose, resulting in being washed away by water, it is only infinite and partial. Because the protection of the two-way interwoven wire mesh is not easy to expand, the maintenance is very cumbersome. It can be used continuously only by paving the partially protected grid and filling the stone again.

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