How much is the fence per square meter? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by customers.

How much is the guardrail per square meter? First of all, guardrails are divided into many specifications. I can give you some.

Take the frame guardrail of highway guardrail as an example. First of all, the cost of guardrail is calculated as follows: 1. The cost of low carbon steel wire weight = steel wire diameter, steel wire diameter m * 0.00617.

The weight of the wire mesh multiplied by the unit price of the wire mesh at that time is the cost of a guardrail. According to this data, the net line of each square meter fence is how many.

  1. According to the overall size, wire diameter, mesh and a batch of purchase quantity of the fence, the welding processing fee of the fence is one square meter.
  2. The material used for the frame is generally rectangular tube, and the unit price / overall size of rectangular tube with table weight and table number is one square meter of purse seine frame.
  3. Price of guardrail column: weight of steel pipe per meter × number of steel pipe per meter × unit price of steel pipe / overall size, so as to get the price of guardrail column per square meter.
  4. Hot dip surface treatment. According to the weight or area of the substrate, how much is the fence per square meter?
  5. The cost of frame welding, fittings, loss, etc. shall be apportioned according to the price per square meter of fence.
  6. Profit, freight, tax and other factors of fence net.

To sum up, the net price of fence per square meter is composed of a variety of conditions. It will change at any time according to season, market, raw materials and quantity purchased.

If you want to get the accurate quotation of the fence, please consult the specific situation according to the drawing. These are some common fence prices.

I can tell you about them

  1. Double sided wire mesh: it is the most commonly used and affordable guardrail, which is usually used on expressways. The price range is about 7-18 yuan per square meter.
  2. Curved guardrail with frame: it is more durable than double-sided steel wire and has high weather resistance. The price range is about 14-25 yuan per square meter.
  3. Stadium guardrail: mainly used for schools, gymnasiums and sports fields. It needs higher intensity and higher price. The price range is about 40-90 yuan per square meter.

The above is just general, and the specific price should be calculated according to the cost. The cost depends on the required specifications of the guardrail, such as wire diameter, hole size, mesh height, cylinder size, wall thickness and a set of surface treatment, etc.

If you need more information, please consult our business and quotation staff.

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