When it comes to gabion, some friends may not be familiar with it, but if it comes to gabion, I believe you are not unfamiliar with it. In fact, it is another name of gabion. Gabion network is widely used, it is essential in the building structure of life, and it also plays an important role in the protection process of the dam and ecological forest. As well as small to individual farms cage system and security protection play a great role.

What are the advantages of gabion? First of all, we need to understand its robustness: This is the main reason for many building structures to choose it, because it is made of metal materials, so it is very tough and can withstand great pressure. It is precisely because of this characteristic that it can bear the weight of cement bricks in construction. Therefore, it can be used in shelterbelts and sand fixation projects. Because of this characteristic, it can also be used in the protection and sand fixation engineering of slope embankment. And these uses are irreplaceable by other products, which shows its importance.

Its second characteristic is flexibility. Because of its flexibility, it can be easily bent into a circular structure, so it can be used as secgabion. It is a cylindrical structure made of gabion net, which can be filled with filler. I believe we all know the wide use of this material. In addition, according to its flexible characteristics, the zoo cage is also made of it, which is convenient to operate and easy to form. Moreover, when the animal is close to it, it also has a buffer effect, and will not hurt the animal when it is in an extreme mood.

The third characteristic of gabion net is its excellent ventilation effect. This is also an important reason for the zoo to use it as cage material mentioned above. Good air permeability can make animals better contact with the outside world, and also make our viewing closer and clearer. According to its good air permeability, the cage material used by the farm is also it, which can facilitate the feeding and management of animals and poultry.

The above is the introduction of the use and excellent characteristics of gabion. When necessary, we need to have a detailed understanding of the corrosion resistance requirements, tenacity requirements, and aesthetic characteristics of gabion. Then we contact the manufacturer to ask what type we should buy, and make a choice after comparing and weighing different types. Only in this way can we buy the most cost-effective products

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