1. Ideal ecological construction and ecological rehabilitation function

The pores in the gabion net box and net mat create conditions for water activities, which is conducive to the natural communication between water and soil, and create living environment for aquatic organisms and microorganisms, and then enhance the self purification ability of water body, maintain and improve the water source and water quality. The artificial laying of soil layer or natural accumulation of soil in the filling material space creates conditions for beautification and vegetation. Even if seeds are not sown, plants will grow naturally to optimize, beautify, improve and rehabilitate the ecological environment.

  1. Outstanding function

For the retaining wall and slope protection constructed by net box, the filling material in the net box is loose and has more pores, which is conducive to the discharge of pore water in the soil layer behind the masonry and under the slope protection. Once the surface water infiltrates into the soil, it can be discharged quickly through the masonry, which can lower the groundwater level, and then reduce the groundwater pressure behind the wall and under the slope. Gabion net layout in landslide management and debris flow prevention and control projects, timely discharge of water reduces the probability of wall damage, an outstanding deformation of the wall can effectively buffer the sudden impact of external forces.

  1. Excellent stability and all functions

Gabion mesh is a kind of double twisted grid layout woven by special machinery. Partial damage will not cause overall damage to the cage. The gabion net material has the characteristics of moderate deformation, which connects all the projects into a whole without joint. Even if there is uneven settlement, the whole layout will not have cracks or serious questions.

  1. Simple construction method

The gabion net technology can produce semi-finished products according to the purpose of description. The construction site is assembled and shaped according to the drawing. Then it is laid on the arranged soil slope or excavated foundation pit, paved into slope protection or built into cage retaining wall, filled with filling materials and covered with net. The operation is simple, less disturbed by the climate, and suitable for mechanized operation, which can not only ensure the construction quality, but also accelerate the progress of the project. In the construction process of a construction unit, because of the influence of climate, the construction unit carried the workers who were used as masonry retaining wall to do gabion net slope protection.

  1. Excellent scene function

Due to the easy combination of gabion net layout and the diversity of colors, it can be considered that we provide all kinds of layout description to meet the scene demand of different areas. Together with planting lawn, planting flowers and trees, we will be presented with a green retaining wall or slope protection.

  1. Excellent corrosion resistance and durability

The steel wire of gabion material adopts hot-dip aluminum zinc plating technology. The coating on the surface of steel wire is more stable, which can effectively reduce the oxidation of wire mesh. After coating with resin film technology, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, antistatic, anti-aging and oxidation resistance, and has a longer service life. According to the test, the plastic is soaked in 30% hydrochloric acid for 10 days without discoloration and cracking. It can be seen that this data is reliable even in high pollution areas. The service life of steel wire coated with resin film can reach 70 years.

  1. Strong ability to resist scour and storm

If gabion net is used as slope protection or retaining wall on the river with high velocity, it can resist scouring. According to relevant tests, the anti scour coefficient of gabion net layout is twice that of common riprap protection engineering. Under the influence of current erosion, even if the stone blocks in the gabion net pad are displaced, the deformed cage layout will have a new balance, and the integrity of the whole cage will not be damaged. The layout of the gabion net is flexible, and there is a certain space for filling stones or other data in the cage. When the wind wave is shooting up, the spray is damaged, which reduces the impact of wave pressure; When the wave crest retreats, there is an open space in the cage, which damages the vacuum suction of the wind wave and reduces the damage to the protection engineering. In addition, the overall layout can be adjusted by itself when the wind force is applied, which can effectively prevent cracks in the wall.

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