The purpose of enclosure fence network is to protect the enclosure from invasion. Then, one is to prevent small animals from entering, and the other is to prevent people or vehicles from entering and littering. Then it also depends on whether it is the enclosure in the countryside or the enclosure in the city. In rural areas, enclosure is generally used for planting experimental fields, orchards, vegetable gardens or aquaculture. So the height is generally between 1.5m and 2m. The products suitable for rural enclosure fence net include double-sided wire fence net, hook net fence, Dutch net (breeding fence net), frame fence net and peach column fence net.

What is the height of the enclosure fence suitable for the city?

The enclosure in the city is usually the yard wall fence of parking lot, construction site or factory area. The most common height is from 1.2m to 1.8m. Zinc steel fence is suitable for urban enclosure. Peach column fence and frame fence are more. There are also temporary enclosure fence products, such as iron horse fence. It is generally used in temporary construction sites.

The above is to introduce the height of the enclosure fence how much is the most appropriate and suitable for the enclosure fence type. I hope to help you choose the enclosure fence.

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