Ecnomical 3D Curved Wire Mesh Fence



Badminton court Purse Seine, also known as basketball court Purse Seine, tennis court Purse Seine, sports Purse Seine, school Purse Seine, campus Purse Seine. It is a new type of protective product specially designed for stadiums with high net body and strong anti climbing ability. Badminton court purse seine belongs to a kind of court Purse Seine, which is also known as “sports purse seine”. It can be installed on site. The biggest feature of the product is strong flexibility, and the structure, shape and size of the net can be adjusted at any time according to the requirements. The badminton court Purse Seine is especially suitable for use as court Purse Seine, basketball court Purse Seine, volleyball court and sports training ground when the height is less than 4 meters.

Badminton court purse seine material: high quality low carbon steel wire.

Braiding method: braiding and welding.

Badminton court purse seine specifications:

1. Diameter of plastic coated wire: 3.8mm;

2. Mesh: 50mm x 50mm;

3. Size: 3000mm x 4000mm;

4. Column: 60 / 2.5mm;

5. Transverse column: 48 / 2mm;

Badminton court fence anti-corrosion treatment: electroplating, hot plating, spray, dip.

Advantages of badminton court purse seine: anti-corrosion, anti-aging, sun resistance, weather resistance, bright color, smooth net surface, strong tension, not easy to be impacted and deformed by external force, site construction and installation, strong flexibility (the shape and size can be adjusted at any time according to site requirements).

Badminton court standard size

The badminton court is a rectangular court, 13.40 meters long, 6.10 meters wide for doubles and 5.18 meters wide for singles. The line width of each line on the court is 4cm, which should be measured from the outer edge of the line. The court boundary should be drawn in white, yellow or other easily recognizable colors. The badminton field is divided horizontally into two half areas by the middle line, and vertically into front field, middle field and back field. The two sidelines outside the court are doubles sidelines, and the two lines inside are singles sidelines. The distance between the doubles sideline and the singles sideline is 0.46 meters, 1.98 meters close to the net, the two lines parallel to the net are the front service line, and the line 0.76 meters away from the end line parallel to the end line is the back service line of doubles.

According to the international competition regulations, the minimum space over the whole stadium is 9 meters. Within this height, there shall be no beams or other obstacles, and there shall be no obstacles within 2 meters around the stadium. There should be a distance of at least 2 meters between any two parallel courses. The walls around the court should be dark and windy.


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