Road mesh (Mesh Track)



Galvanized gabion retaining wall is also called zinc aluminum alloy gabion net, which is better than the general galvanized gabion net. Compared with the ordinary galvanized gabion net, the coating of zinc aluminum alloy gabion net has the characteristics of strong adhesion, better wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and superior construction performance.

Zinc aluminum alloy coating of zinc aluminum alloy gabion net has similar stability and electrochemical protection as spraying aluminum layer, so it is an ideal protective layer against seawater corrosion.

The zinc aluminum alloy wire of zinc aluminum alloy gabion net is used for weaving gabion net, and its service life can be extended by 5-10 times. The hot-dip galvanized aluminum alloy gabion net is made of various specifications of 10% aluminum zinc alloy low carbon steel wire. Zinc aluminum alloy gabion net project site filling stone assembly to form a flexible, permeable, integral retaining structure, used for river protection engineering. Gabion wire is made of high galvanized steel wire or 10% zinc aluminum alloy steel wire and low carbon steel wire. If the environmental conditions are bad and the pollution is serious, the surface of the steel wire can be coated with plastic (PVC) to enhance the corrosion resistance of the wire.

In the world, most of the high galvanized steel wire or aluminum zinc alloy steel wire are used. In China, the use of gabion protection is a matter of recent years. However, foreign countries have done research on gabion for a long time and found that the service life of zinc aluminum alloy gabion mesh mainly depends on the service life of steel wire.


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