Galfan gabion cage is assembled by gabion mesh of various mesh specifications according to ASTM a975-97 specification. The gabion cage is divided into several cells by a partition board (double stranded hexagonal metal mesh) with an interval of 1 meter. In order to strengthen the strength of the gabion cage structure, the side ends of all mesh plates are made of steel wire with larger diameter. Control and guide the river and flood discharge dam and diversion dam rock fall protection to prevent the loss of water, bridge protection Gushi structure coastal defense engineering port engineering barrier wall road protection.

Combination mode of gabion cage:

1. Gabion cage is a one-time molding production, in addition to the cover plate, the side plate, end plate, and bottom plate can not be separated. Length / width tolerance (± 5%) and height tolerance (± 5%). The inner part is separated into separate units by partition every 1 meter.

2. The gabion cage is assembled with cover plate, side plate, end plate and bottom plate. Each part of the cage is wrapped and bound with spiral steel wire. All the side wires of the cage are thick wires to strengthen the strength of the gabion cage.

Gabion cage – Installation

1. The staggered joints of gabion cage should be placed in place to avoid longitudinal through joints.

2. The four sides of the gabion cage shall be erected, and the adjacent edges shall be locked with binding wire. When binding, the binding wire shall be twisted around two overlapped frame lines (when stitching edges) or the double kinked edges of the frame line and the cage (when stitching grids), so as to avoid heavy galvanizing damage, and the pitch shall not be greater than 50 mm.

3. When the gabion cage is installed on the completed bottom net, it shall be fixed on the bottom gabion cage with binding wire along the lower frame of the new gabion cage, and the adjacent gabion cages on the same layer shall also be fastened with binding wire to make the gabion cage connected as a whole.

4. In the construction of the same horizontal layer of a unit project, the gabion net should be fully in place before filling the pebbles. In order to prevent the deformation of the gabion net, the height difference between the two adjacent gabion net boxes (including the adjacent cells of the same gabion net box) should not be greater than 35 cm;

5. Before the installation of gabion cage, the bank slope and ground should be properly trimmed, and the original shape of the bank slope should be maintained as far as possible, but there should be no obvious uplift and depression.

6. The filled pebbles shall be selected on the floodplain, and their compressive strength shall meet the design requirements. The particle size of pebbles shall be between 8 cm and 20 cm, and the size matching shall be reasonable, so as to achieve the porosity required by the design and ensure the linear shape of gabion net.


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