Aluminum-zinc Alloy Cage



Gabion gabion retaining wall is widely used in inland rivers, mainly for reinforcing river embankment and guiding water flow.

River gabion cage for reinforcing river embankment is usually used in the inner side of the embankment, which is mainly used in the place where the river flow is relatively fast. The river scours the gabion net, rather than directly scours the embankment, so as to reduce the damage to the embankment.

In the river gabion cage above, spread a layer of grass, can grow grass; nature will also settle dust, natural growth of weeds and so on.

River channel grid can be used to guide river water. Rivers generally move along the inherent riverbed. Rivers may have naturally formed zigzag channels. If there is a flood, the amount of water is infinite and the current is turbulent, the current will tend to move in a straight direction under inertia, and it will violently impact the original riverbed and dyke, which may cause the river to change its course, which will cause endless disasters.

In order to reduce the rapid flow of water scouring the embankment, the gabion net box or gabion net mat is laid on the inner side of the embankment or the edge of the channel. The turbulent River directly impacts the gabion net box or gabion net mat to protect the embankment or channel.

River water in the bend of the river, due to the encounter of gabion cage or gabion mat, the river will turn and flow along the inherent river. That’s how the river is guided.

River gabion network is also applied to flood discharge dam and diversion dam to guide or restrict flood.


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