Sack Gabion



Landscape gabion net, also known as gabion net, its wear resistance can resist the erosion of water and create a stable environment for the healthy production of plants. Because of its unique performance and flexible structure, it has been widely used in China, such as park landscape, protection, water conservancy dike, river management, rockfall protection, mountain protection, etc.

Advantages of landscape gabion net:

1. It has a good function. The gap between the landscape gabion cages is conducive to the growth of vegetation. Just sprinkle the staff on the surface of the landscape gabion cages, which can form a similar natural environment.

2. The landscape gabion net is suitable for different subgrade conditions. Because the landscape gabion net has good flexibility and certain tensile strength, even the transformation of the cage will not affect the quality of the project. When the ground settlement occurs, the filling material of the cage will not scatter, and the cage can adjust the new balance by itself.


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