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Gebin retaining wall is an engineering unit component which is made of low-carbon steel wire woven into mesh surface by means of hexagonal twisted pair. The cage is filled with pebbles or block stones to form a revetment retaining structure. In recent years, it has been widely used as a retaining structure on both sides of the river. The reason is that the structure not only has strong stability and anti scouring performance, but also can create a water landscape effect suitable for the surrounding environment, which can fully protect the body The idea of harmonious coexistence between man and nature is put forward.

Parameters of partition wall:

1. Mesh: 6 * 8cm 8 * 10cm 9 * 11cm 10 * 12cm 12 * 15cm 18 * 22cm and other special specifications can be customized.

2. Wire diameter: 2.0 mm-4.0 mm

3. Specifications: 2mx1mx1m, 3mx1mx1m, 4mx1mx1m, 2mx1mx0.5m, 4mx1mx0.5m. It can also be produced according to customer requirements.

4. Material: PVC coated Galfan lead wire hot-dip galvanizing (zinc content): electroplating: 10-25g / m2; hot-dip plating: 30-300g / m2



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