Gabion Box



The galvanized gabion coil is a kind of grid structure. Gabion net coil is made of low carbon steel wire with high corrosion resistance, high strength and ductility or steel wire coated with PVC by mechanical knitting. Gabion net coil is made of gabion net. The difference is that net cage is produced and packed in the form of box, while gabion net coil is rolled, packed and transported in the form of net coil. The essence of the product is the same.

The diameter of the edge line of the gabion coil is generally larger than that of the wire. The double stranded part is usually double stranded to ensure that the metal coating and PVC coating of the stranded part are not damaged.

Galvanizing is a one-time forming production. Except for the cover plate, the edge plate, end plate and bottom plate are inseparable. The length / width tolerance (± 5) and height tolerance (± 5) are respectively divided into separate units by partition every 1 meter.

The cover plate, side plate, end plate and bottom plate are separately produced and assembled into a cage. All parts of the cage are wrapped and bound with spiral steel wire. All side wires of the cage are thick wire to strengthen the strength of the cage.

Good combination: convenient processing and transportation, can be bundled into various shapes according to the design requirements, adapt to the shape of hillside, beach and embankment


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