Terramesh System



Secgabion mesh is a cylindrical engineering component composed of machine-made double intersecting hexagonal metal mesh, also known as snake dragon process. It is filled with stone and other filling materials to form a structure with flexibility, water permeability and integrity.

Materials include ordinary zinc plating, high hot dip zinc plating, zinc aluminum alloy (also known as Galfan or alloy) is a new material in recent years, which is used to replace the traditional pure zinc coating.

Experiments show that its corrosion resistance is more than three times of that of the traditional pure galvanized coating, so it has attracted more and more attention. Now, 5-10 zinc aluminum alloy cage (gabion net) is being used in developed countries in Europe and America to replace the traditional pure galvanized gabion net.

The service life of the mesh rectangular cage woven with zinc aluminum alloy steel wire is about 70-80 years, which is three times as long as that of ordinary galvanized steel wire. Zinc aluminum alloy steel wire meets the national standard: GB / T 20492-2006

Compared with the ordinary galvanized gabion net, the coating of zinc aluminum alloy gabion net has the characteristics of strong adhesion, better wear resistance and corrosion resistance, and superior construction performance.

Zinc aluminum alloy coating of zinc aluminum alloy gabion net has similar stability and electrochemical protection as spraying aluminum layer, so it is an ideal protective layer against seawater corrosion

Main uses:

Sand control, river regulation and various emergency projects.


Improve the stability of the riverbed slope.

Protect the riverbed from erosion.

Provide the predetermined value of the roughness coefficient of the river bank.

Greening and protection of slope and bank protection.


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