Heavy Hexagonal Wire Mesh



Green gabion gabion pad also known as Renault pad, also known as gabion pad, or gabion pad. Gabion pad is a kind of cushion shaped engineering component composed of metal mesh whose thickness is far less than the length and width. The gabion pad is filled with stone and other filling materials and connected into a whole. It is mainly used for anti scouring structure of water conservancy embankment, bank slope, Hyman and so on. It has the advantages of flexibility and adaptability to foundation. Renault cushion is a net cushion structure with thickness of 0.17-0.3m (including 0.3m). It is mainly used as slope protection structure of river channel, bank slope and subgrade slope. It can not only prevent the river bank from being damaged by current and waves, but also realize the natural convection exchange function between the water body and the slope body, so as to achieve the balance of the river. Planting green on the slope can increase the landscape and greening effect.

The Renault pad produced by our company is divided into several cells by the clapboard. In order to enhance the strength of Renault pad structure, the steel wire with larger diameter is used at the edge of all panels.

Specifications and features of gabion pad:

1. Improve the stability of the riverbed slope.

2. Protect the riverbed from erosion.

3. A predetermined value of the roughness coefficient (m) of the river bank is provided.

4. Revetment, revetment greening and river protection, river development and management, involves the construction technology of equal section paving pad. The protective pad can be used on the river bank


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