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What are the ecological functions of gabion net?

The surface of gabion net mat has a layer of soil or natural sedimentary soil. You can grow grass and other green plants, which not only protect the river and green the environment. Hexagonal mesh paving slope protection, shrubs and weeds and other plants through the wire mesh growth, not only can be fixed stones,…

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How much is purse seine construction of basketball court?

The installation and construction cost of basketball court fence varies from place to place. For example, in Hebei Province, the installation cost of basketball court fence is generally more than ten yuan. However, if you go to Beijing, Shanghai and other first tier cities, it is estimated that it will cost more than twenty yuan.…

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What is the most suitable height of enclosure fence?

The purpose of enclosure fence network is to protect the enclosure from invasion. Then, one is to prevent small animals from entering, and the other is to prevent people or vehicles from entering and littering. Then it also depends on whether it is the enclosure in the countryside or the enclosure in the city. In…

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How much is the fence per square meter?

How much is the fence per square meter? This is one of the most frequently asked questions by customers. How much is the guardrail per square meter? First of all, guardrails are divided into many specifications. I can give you some. Take the frame guardrail of highway guardrail as an example. First of all, the…

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What are the advantages of gabion net?

Ideal ecological construction and ecological rehabilitation function The pores in the gabion net box and net mat create conditions for water activities, which is conducive to the natural communication between water and soil, and create living environment for aquatic organisms and microorganisms, and then enhance the self purification ability of water body, maintain and improve…

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